Author: Ali Cudby

Updated: 3 years ago

Let's set up team Donations 

With Donations, team members can send money directly to the person who is Facing MBC.

WhatFriendsDo powered by Stripe

Facing MBC Together is a technology platform managed by WhatFriendsDo LLC. Stripe is the company that delivers secure financial transactions.

To begin, enter your country, mobile phone number & email address.

The person setting up the account will need to enter their mobile phone number for verification.

You may want to enter the email address of the person who will receive Donation notifications once the account is set up. (This is most likely the person facing MBC.)

Then click "Next"

Enter recipient details

Enter the legal name and email address of the person receiving donations.

Facing MBC Together will automatically add the correct website URL for your team.

Click "Next"

Choose where your donations will go

You can connect to either a Bank Account or a Debit Card.

Enter Account Information

For Bank Accounts: You will need the recipient's Bank Routing Number and Account Number.

For Debit Cards: You will need the Debit Card Number and Expiration date.

Enter the information and click "Save"

That's it!

Once you click "Save" in the Stripe set up window, your Donations area will look like this and team members can make financial contributions.

PLEASE NOTE: Credit cards statements will show payments to WhatFriendsDo.