Event Creation

Author: Ali Cudby

Updated: 3 years ago

Let's create an event!

Events include any support on behalf of your friend in need, including meals, transportation, child or pet care and more!

Choose Your Event Type

Select one type of event to support your friend in need.

Enter Your Event Details

NOTE: Include the event name, a short description, and the time zone where the event will take place.

Set Up Events on a Regular Schedule

You can request a series of events and individual team members can choose how often they sign up to help.

For example, a team member can sign up to deliver one or more meals.

What's Availability?

You can set the number of people who are able to sign up for each individual task. In this case, only one person can sign up for to deliver a meal. But different team members can sign up for different meals.

Share Your Event!

Hit the "Create event" button to save the information and post it on your calendar as an event. This enables team members to sign up.