Start A team

Author: Ali Cudby

Updated: 3 years ago

Let's Create Your Team!

In this tour you'll learn how to create a team, invite friends and launch your team environment.

Create your team name

This is the name people will search for to find your team. Pick a name that will be unique and easy to people to discover when they search.

Write your team's purpose

Your team's purpose is your opportunity to share the reasons why you're on Facing MBC Together.

Make your team private?

If your team is private people will need a password in order to join the team.

Is the team for a friend or family?

Click this switch if you're creating your team to support a friend or family member facing MBC.

Add your friend or family member's info

Enter the name and email for your friend or family member. Click the slider to let that person know the team has been created on their behalf.

Then click the blue "Create Team" button.

Add Photos

Personalize your team images in two ways:

1) The image in the square helps people find the right team. Add a photo of the person you are supporting.

2) The banner image (rectangle) can be anything you want as your team's theme.

Click the pencil to select and upload each photo.

Add a Note

Get things started by adding a Note to your team page.

Notes can include text, images and videos.

Here are your Settings

In Settings Team Organizers can edit team information, such as Team Name, Purpose, Privacy, etc.

Settings is also where you set up Donations and your Amazon Wishlist.