Author: Duane Hunt

Updated: a year ago

Let's connect your Amazon Wishlist

For this step, log into the Amazon account that hosts the Amazon Wishlist you will use to send gifts and other items to your team's friend in need.

Find Your Wishlists 

Access your Wishlists in the dropdown menu under your account information. You must be logged into an Amazon account to save a Wishlist.

Create a Wishlist 

If you're starting a new Wishlist, click the "Create a List" button.

Adjust your settings

Click "...More"
Then click "Manage List"

Set your list to "Public"

Your list must be Public to use on Facing MBC Together.

Copy the URL for your Wishlist

Once you set up your Wishlist, copy the URL (webpage address) for the Wishlist you want to use.

(Note: You can keep adding and deleting items from the wishlist after you complete this step)